Azua Church of the Nazarene

The Azua Church of the Nazarene, located in Azua, Dominican Republic:


This stands as a beacon of faith and unity. Unique in its composition, this congregation primarily consists of Haitian believers who have made the Dominican Republic their home. Despite the challenges that come with establishing roots in a new land, their unwavering faith and dedication have been the driving forces behind the construction of their new church building.

The congregation’s vision wasn’t just to have a place of worship, but to create a comprehensive structure that serves multiple purposes. The outcome is a splendid two-story building. While the primary focus is on providing a serene space for worship and reflection, they also took into account the needs of their spiritual leader. The inclusion of a parsonage within the structure ensures that their Pastor has a comfortable residence, enabling him to stay close to the community he serves.

Such an ambitious project would have been challenging to realize without external support. Here, the Nazarene Mission Teams played an indispensable role. These partners, driven by a shared vision of expanding faith and community, collaborated seamlessly with the Azua Church congregation. Their expertise, resources, and labor were pivotal in turning the dream of the church building into a reality.