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Lazarian World Homes is a non-profit organization currently building structures throughout the World. Individuals and organizations are invited to partner with us in building Homes, Schools, and Church/Community centers for the World’s needy. All building plans, specifications, and on-site training is provided by Lazarian World Homes.

The mission of Lazarian World Homes (LWH) is simply to provide eco-friendly, affordable, strong, safe shelter for the world’s needy.

Requests have come for buildings from several world areas including Costa Rica, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Armenia, Mexico, Brazil, the U.S., and other countries who have a need for quality housing.

The unique “Lego” type design of the Lazarian polystyrene Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) provide a state of the art solution to protecting the environment with energy efficient housing for the 21st Century. The major components of the Lazarian World Homes are Green in the true spirit of eco-friendly housing. Because the basic component of the homes is polystyrene, a proven insulator, the homes stay warm in the winter and cool in the summers. All Lazarian building designs have a 20-25 R-Value and an Economic Life of 40-50 years.

The wall systems of the homes comprise Lazarian polystyrene (EPS) foam blocks, concrete and steel rebar. The basic construction materials for these products are readily available in most countries of the world and present a sustainable solution to providing cost effective, energy efficient housing for the needy. When the economic life of the Lazarian home is complete, approximately 90% of the home may be recycled. The Lazarian EPS foam blocks may be ground up and used as an amendment to gardens to allow for better watering, especially in clayey soils. The Lazarian blocks may also be pulverized and mixed with concrete products to fabricate new building blocks to build more homes. In addition, the concrete In the Lazarian foam block walls may be recycled and used for base material under roads or buildings, and the steel reinforcing bar may be recycled for other uses. This is also true for the corrugated metal roofing. Wood used to build the homes, such as the roof truss system, may be recycled into particle board or other engineered wood products. In places where use of wood is not available or desirable, roof truss systems may be built with recyclable steel angle iron or aluminum.
Lazarian World Homes are simple and inexpensive to build. With minimum training, families are able to build their own homes. In addition to on-site Instruction by Lazarian staff, a step-by-step guide to constructing a Lazarian home is included in this website. Because the walls of a completed Lazarian home have cells filled with concrete and steel reinforcing bar, the resulting structure inside the walls of a Lazarian building is commonly referred to as Reinforced Concrete Post and Beam Construction. This is one of the strongest methods of construction known to structural engineers. Lazarian homes will withstand major earthquakes, storms and natural disasters.

The Lazarian EPS foam block walls are waterproof and are easily cleaned after a flood. In addition, a fire retardant and pest repellant are part of the chemistry of the EPS material used to fabricate the Lazarian blocks.

Clearly, the Lazarian World Home building system is the new standard for eco-friendly, durable, and affordable housing for the World.

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