Assembly of God in Tijuana, Mexico

Pastor Rafael has faithfully served the Good Samaritan Assembly of God Church for an impressive 25 years. Around twelve years ago, the congregation’s aspirations for a new sanctuary began to take shape. To bridge the gap, they constructed a temporary building while eagerly awaiting the fulfillment of their dreams.

Thanks to the invaluable assistance of Lazarian World Homes, the congregation’s long-awaited vision became a reality. The collaborative efforts between the church and Lazarian World Homes resulted in the creation of a beautiful new sanctuary. Equipped with modern amenities and designed to enhance the worship experience, this sanctuary serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication and perseverance.

With the new sanctuary in place, the congregation, consisting of 80 members, has set their sights on more than just their own growth. They have ambitious plans to extend their impact by planting a new church in a nearby community. This endeavor reflects their commitment to sharing their faith and creating opportunities for others to experience the transformative power of their spiritual community.

In summary, Pastor Rafael’s 25-year commitment, coupled with the congregation’s determination, has led to the realization of their dream—a new sanctuary for the Good Samaritan Assembly of God Church. With Lazarian World Homes’ support, they have created a space to foster spiritual growth and now aim to expand their influence by establishing a church in a neighboring community.