Dominican Republic | Orphan’s Heart

In the Summer of 2014, Lazarian World Homes had 9 volunteer teams and 152 volunteers travel on a mission trip to the DR and work on this construction project. Currently, there are 42 foundations poured, 37 homes have walls completed and 7 homes are complete. Over the next few months we will finish the homes and we will continue pouring foundations and constructing walls on the remaining 58 homes in this new community. The Community Transformation Center is almost complete!
August 2014:
The project with Orphan’s Heart is moving forward in Azua, D.R. One hundred homes are proposed to be constructed with the help of work team from Florida and local workers. The project is the largest ever attempted with the help of LWH and will include a community center/church, a classroom building and medical clinic. Slabs for the first two houses are now poured and forms are set for the next two. The walls are set with concrete for house #1 and the walls will be set on house # 2 by Tues the 23rd. A new roofing system will be used on all homes which is made of 3” of styrofoam with metal on both sides.

We now have the roofing system that matches the blocks. It looks great and installs in about 4 hours. Stucco has already started, and electrical began in the first unit.

July 17th, 2013: It was a good day in the Dominican Republic. The first slab will be poured early next week, which will allow time to train three local workers on setting the forms for the concrete. It is a challenge to train workers for every phase of the building in three weeks. Finding good workers is not easy, but we have a start.

July 12th, 2013: This has been a big day of hard work building homes in the Dominican Republic in their hot weather. We have now filled the first seven lots and set forms on the first house. We plan to finish the rebar and mesh and pour the first slab Monday morning. Blocks and roof panels are to be delivered Monday and we should begin walls on Tues while the second lot is being prepared.