Adonai Wesleyan Church

This Adonai building is an ultra-modern facility, first world quality that is fully paid for and completed in 2015! The dimensions of the sanctuary are 36 feet x 84 feet and will seat 250 people.

A letter from the Pastors:
“From the beginning of Adonai, Pastor Jose Luis, his wife Noemi and we realized that we could not complete this project on our own. At the very first service in September, 2011, we made a promise that we were going to plant a “baby giant” Wesleyan church. The baby giant continues to grow! We all believe in strong partnerships and to this end, we are pleased with the partners that have come forward to help us realize the vision of a new stand-alone sanctuary. Our major donor is Lazarian World Homes ( Their Vice-President, Chad Coil, was on the site with many of his people and provided great leadership in the administration of the construction. Our friends, Scott and Shannon from i6Eight ( were instrumental in providing many talented and enthusiastic workers to help in all aspects of the construction. Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego ( provided funding and workers for the front platform, control room and sidewalk around the building. Weekend Missions ( provided labour; Open Arms Wesleyan Church in Scottsdale ( donated large amounts of food for the workers. Many other Christian organizations in the town came to help periodically. The two teams from Canada represented the Canadian Wesleyan Church well to the point where Lazarian World Homes expressed an interest in completing more projects with us on an international basis. As per our agreement with Lazarian World Homes, the Canadian mission teams provided $10,000.00 US; Lazarian World Homes provided the remaining dollars to supply all the material for the foundation, floor, walls, roof, insulation, electrical, drywall, plaster, stucco, paint, doors, windows, etc. that would be needed to have a fully functional sanctuary.

We are pleased to be able to say that this building is an ultra-modern facility, first world quality that is fully paid for! The dimensions of the sanctuary are 36 feet x 84 feet and will seat 250 people.

It has to be noted that, after 3 ½ years of Pastor Jose Luis and his wife and family’s ministry, they are in need of such a sanctuary. Praise be to God! Another example of their successful ministry is the day that two tractor trailer loads of material from Lazarian World Homes arrived on the site and there were over 40 people available to work that day. Fifteen shovels were excavating for the foundation and footings and, within one hour, re-bar was ready to be installed. It also took less than 2 hours for all of the roof trusses to be lifted and put in exact place. The logistics for this build were very important and Lazarian World Homes provided great leadership in this area. We would be amiss if we did not mention the extensive labour that was provided by Adonai Wesleyan Church. Many men took leave without pay to faithfully come every day to help with the construction. Women would arrive at the site at 7 am, some with babies and children in tow and would stay most of the day to help the Pastor’s wife to cook the three meals provided daily for all of the workers (her kitchen is about 8 feet x 10 feet in size!). Often, there would be women there at 9 pm at night cleaning up after all the day’s activities. What a commitment on the church’s part – they have certainly taken ownership of this new sanctuary! Women from our second team were able to create a sewing storage area and organized the many yards and yards of material, sewing supplies, sewing machines, etc. that had been donated from Canada in order to easily identify what supplies the women had for sewing. One of our women also taught a course on making hand bags using some of this material. In spite of all of this activity, Pastor Jose Luis was still able to continue on with his Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday services along with Worship practices and Youth Group. The Canadian teams got a taste of ministering after receiving the third baptism. No choruses were sung without extensive clapping, people dancing, ample opportunity for testimonies and praise reports, etc., etc.

We hope these pictures give you a better idea of some of the events that brought this project to this stage. We will have one final report before heading home in April.”