Our Buildings

Our Buildings

Lazarian World Homes is addressing the need for affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient schools, churches, and homes within, but not limited to the poor in Armenia, Mexico, and Brazil through the use of a simplistic form of Styrofoam building blocks.

Description of ICF Blocks

The Lazarian Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) polystyrene foam block or polyurethane foam block are the basis for the Lazarian World Homes. With these blocks, the Lazarian World Home structures become simple and inexpensive to build. The buildings are energy efficient with a minimum R-Value of 20. The foam blocksThe polystyrene (EPS) blocks do not absorb moisture, resist pests, and contain fire retardant materials all within each block. The homes also have an estimated economic life of 40-50 years.

The assembling of walls requires only four styrofoam pieces, which include the Standard and Lintel Block, a Plug, and the End Cap. The Standard Wall Block and Lintel/Header Block comprise the main pieces. These blocks are 48″L X 12″H X 8″W and weigh about 3 pounds. The blocks interlock through a Lego type nature that allows for quick and easy assembly. LWH then uses 3/8 rebar and concrete into holes/studs every 16 inches on-center throughout the wall and the same done through the lintel block every 4 ft. from the ground to structurally tie the building vertically and horizontally. Because the resulting “skeleton” inside the walls of the Lazarian World Home is a type of structural system commonly known as Reinforced Concrete Post and Beam Construction, the homes will withstand major earthquakes, storms, floods, and natural disasters. This process along with the features of the foam blocks, gives our buildings the strength and durability that is seldom seen within the class of affordable housing.

Explanation of Technology

The shaping of foam blocks to be used for home construction has been around for many years, but LWH has taken the foam pieces and have made the process as simple as possible. With the use of only four pieces of foam, concrete, and rebar; the LHW buildings are completed with a very high structural integrity. Concrete, rebar, and foam are all universally available commodities, therefore allowing us to work anywhere in the world. In Armenia, a LWH 670 sf, two bed, one bath with kitchen home costs 45% to 50% less than comparably sized yet inferior constructed homes in the area. LWH breaks down affordability and sustainability barriers by using an alternative method of building that is faster than conventional building, does not require a sophisticated work force, and is easy to learn due to its simple structure and few materials needed. This greatly reduces the price of the home and gives locals the opportunity to take the product and build on their own.
Currently it costs about $25/sq. ft. or $17,000 to build our fully equipped 670 sq. ft, 2 bedroom – 1 bath Lazarian World Home. This cost is based on a home which includes electrical, plumbing, cabinets, appliances and flooring. Our 1 room World Home 2, 3 room World Home 2A and our other building designs that have less amenities cost considerably less per sq.ft.